Departmental Advisors

Two students having a conversation © Copyright: Fabian Erler

Your questions on the curriculum, exam requirements, and modules can be addressed here.

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Stairs at Prof. Pirlet Strasse © Copyright: Martin Braun

In addition to our academic advisory service, our departmental mentors also assist students with any questions and challenges they are experiencing with their studies.

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Examination Boards

Closeup of a person writing on paper © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer

The examination boards ensure that the exam regulations are complied with and exams are conducted as per the applicable regulations.

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Student Councils

Students in front of Super C © Copyright: Martin Braun

Who represents students in the committees? Who answers questions about studying from the students' perspective? Student self-administration is reflected in the departmental student councils.

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Ombudsperson for Teaching and Learning

A large, empty lecture hall © Copyright: Martin Braun

The Ombudsperson for Teaching and Learning can mediate between students and instructors or examiners in cases of dispute.

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