MINT-L4@RWTH pursues different projects in teacher education as well as in academic teaching in the STEM fields. Ordered by target group and discipline, you can find the specific projects and programmes via the menu on the left. Some prominent projects and research programmes are:

Development of school teaching materials and CPD courses for teachers:

Research projects in Didactics of Biology

Mathematics CPD courses for teachers: The Department of Mathematics at RWTH Aachen University offers school-related workshops (also special workshops for MPAC teachers) on a regular basis.

PhD projects with emphasis on development in Didactics of Mathematics

The Physics practical courses offer 4- to 12-fold experiment set-ups for physics school courses.

Also, the Physics practical courses lend learning equipment on optics, which tackles typical optical illusions and which includes a camera obscura.

  • PhD projects at Didactics of Physics and Engineering: On research topics to SFB 917 „Nanoswitches“, and on the Standard Model of particle physics, starting in April 2013.

Study of learning and teaching processes:

PhD projects on learning and teaching processes in Didactics of Mathematics

Enhancing study performance in the STEM fields:

eLearning accompanying the lecture "Mathematics for Civil Engineers"

Development and evaluation of mathematics items for StudiChecks NRW
of the Ministry of Science, in co-operation with RUB

MathePlus Aachen (MPAC)

zdi workshops for school pupils

  • In co-operation with SelfAssessment at RWTH, from WS 2013/2014 onwards: Special information day for freshmen in mathematics, computer science, chemistry and physics teacher studies
  • MINT-L4@RWTH will take part in the design of the upcoming practical semester for teacher students in STEM fields.
  • Conceptional revision of the computer science bridge course

Acquisition of STEM students:

  • In co-operation with MINT-EC: Application in a Germany-wide funding programme for aspiring STEM teachers; the programme addresses school pupils and accompanies them for 2 years, preparing them for teacher studies in a STEM subject (contact Prof. H. Heinke)
  • In co-operation with with the RWTH Student Advice Centre: Separate consulting services as well as probationary studies for STEM teacher studies will be integrated into the programmes of the student advice centre.