Inaugural event 25th June 2013


The inaugural event was a great success:
More than 150 guests visited the SuperC, enjoyed the inauguration and lectures and exchanged views about STEM-education at a variety of booths. New valuable cooperations and ideas for future work came along discussions. More

Flyer about the program


Presentation Heitzer

Presentation Oldenburg

Presentation Wilhelm

Abstract of the presentations:

Mr. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Oldenburg, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main

“Virtuelle und reale Welten – wie Mathematik und Informatik BILDend wirken”

Preparing, changing and analysing pictures are techniques with lots of applications. Here we can see a generic example how Mathematics and Computer Science collaborate in order to answer authentic problems. The presentation underlines how the mentioned topics could be used for the Mathematics and Computer Science lessons.

Mr. Prof. Dr. Makus Wilhelm, Pedagogical College Luzern

“Integrierte Naturwissenschaften in der Schule, im Lehramtsstudium oder gar nicht?”

There is no doubt about that in Anglo-American countries unlike in German speaking countries:
The disciplines of Nature Science are combined to one subject in schools. What are the benefits for subject-specific and didactic-specific perspectives? Shouldn’t the lectureship studies also be combined and not divided into the different disciplines? Or prevail the disadvantages on every level? Practical experiences and results of new studies should ensure clarity.


Picures of the inaugural event