Main tasks and goals

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The tasks and goals of MINT-L4@RWTH as stated on the main page shall be discussed in greater detail.



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MINT-L4@RWTH is trying to remedy the currently existing shortage of qualified STEM teachers in secondary education. STEM teaching study programmes exhibit a large number of drop-outs, especially in the first semesters of study. MINT-L4@RWTH combines promotion programmes for aspiring STEM teachers, improved information on the existing study programmes and a fitting SelfAssessment before entering university in order to tackle this situation. Additionally, a STEM teacher funding programme, addressed at talented and engaged young people, promotes an image makeover of the teaching profession as an attractive potential field for prospective high school graduates.



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Teacher studies - combining studies in two subjects and pedagogy, where many of the courses are not exclusively taught to teacher students - pose motivational difficulties, especially so in the first semesters. MINT-L4@RWTH seeks to offer additional measures specifically designed for STEM teacher students, enhancing their study experience concerning the aspects of self-determination, social integration and competence. A similar goal is to make the appreciation of teacher students more visible and experienceable, for the students themselves as well as for the subjects' lecturers.


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RWTH Aachen University, through its personnel working and researching in STEM didactics, meets the challenge of making compatible for school teaching the technical and methodogical fundamentals involved in solving the global tasks of our time. In particular, topics from RWTH's interdisciplinary research are reworked for school teaching and for teacher CPD courses. As a result, STEM teachers shall be enabled to inspire and qualify young people to tackle interdisciplinary problems. Apart from CPD courses, RWTH Aachen University also offers further support activities to STEM teachers.


Successful studying

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An optimum fit between high school and university curricula is one of the best precursors to a higher chance of graduation. This especially applies in the STEM fields, where up to today many students drop out in the first semesters. MINT-L4@RWTH seeks to use its didactic competence in the STEM area to contribute to the enhancement of graduation quota in all programmes at RWTH Aachen University. For this purpose, it co-operates with ExAct, CiL and the docents of the different fields. Adding to this, there are facultative bridge courses which are scheduled before the beginning of semesters, and which offer an ideal preparation to high school graduates for studies in STEM areas. These activities are also supported by didactic research and development, conducted in PhD projects.