MINT-L4@RWTH pursues different projects in teacher education as well as in academic teaching in the STEM fields. Some prominent projects and research programmes are:

Development of school teaching materials and CPD courses for teachers:

Research projects in Didactics of Biology

Mathematics CPD courses for teachers: The Department of Mathematics at RWTH Aachen University offers school-related workshops (also special workshops for MPAC teachers) on a regular basis.

PhD projects with emphasis on development in Didactics of Mathematics

The Physics practical courses offer 4- to 12-fold experiment set-ups for physics school courses.

Also, the Physics practical courses lend learning equipment on optics, which tackles typical optical illusions and which includes a camera obscura.

  • PhD projects at Didactics of Physics and Engineering: On research topics to SFB 917 „Nanoswitches“, and on the Standard Model of particle physics, starting in April 2013.

Study of learning and teaching processes:

PhD projects on learning and teaching processes in Didactics of Mathematics

Enhancing study performance in the STEM fields:

eLearning accompanying the lecture "Mathematics for Civil Engineers"

Development and evaluation of mathematics items for StudiChecks NRW
of the Ministry of Science, in co-operation with RUB

MathePlus Aachen (MPAC)

zdi workshops for school pupils

  • In co-operation with SelfAssessment at RWTH, from WS 2013/2014 onwards: Special information day for freshmen in mathematics, computer science, chemistry and physics teacher studies
  • MINT-L4@RWTH will take part in the design of the upcoming practical semester for teacher students in STEM fields.
  • Conceptional revision of the computer science bridge course

Acquisition of STEM students:

  • In co-operation with MINT-EC: Application in a Germany-wide funding programme for aspiring STEM teachers; the programme addresses school pupils and accompanies them for 2 years, preparing them for teacher studies in a STEM subject (contact Prof. H. Heinke)
  • In co-operation with with the RWTH Student Advice Centre: Separate consulting services as well as probationary studies for STEM teacher studies will be integrated into the programmes of the student advice centre.