Department of Chemistry


Faculty 1- Department of Chemistry

At the beginning of the 21st century, chemistry presents itself as a dynamic science of its own with numerous sub-areas.

In addition, it provides the foundation for many modern developments in the areas of materials science and the biosciences, engineering, physics and medicine.

The goals of Chemistry at RWTH include developing highly selective, efficient syntheses and sustainable processes, building and describing complex systems and functional materials as models, as well as understanding and numerically simulating the nuclear and molecular interdependencies; consequently, Chemistry is divided into 3 areas of research focus.

The focus of "Materials / Mesoscopic Systems" is on developing both hard and soft materials, as well as nanostructures, taking into account surface and boundary phenomena; this is an area with many applications in regenerative medicine and information technology, or materials technology. "Asymmetrical Synthesis / Substances" stands for developing new efficient methods and practical processes for enantioselective presentation of synthesis building blocks, as well as natural and active substances for the medical / pharmaceutical realm. The "Catalysis" focus is considered a key technology for sustainable industrial chemistry in the 21st century, with an active transfer of knowhow between university and industry.

In addition, Chemistry has experimental and theoretical cross-departmental competencies, with Computational Chemistry / Spectroscopy representing a specific focus.