Department of Computer Science


Faculty 1 - Department of  Computer Science


Computer science deals with the systematic processing of information, in particular, by means of computers. The Computer Science Department is divided into theoretical and practical computer science.


Theoretical computer science studies algorithms, the calculability of problems and the complexity of their solutions, which is why theory can inform practice of the areas in which additional work would make sense. Other researchers develop reduced-error software or filter specific information from large volumes of data.


Applied computer science develops computer applications that make life easier for people, among them realistic computer graphics and wireless networks, supercomputers, or small controllers for cars.


It is essential to implement the benefits of computer science in real applications.

This is why students can cooperate with electrical engineering, mathematics, business management or other disciplines; students from other disciplines are taught computer science methods. Together with electrical engineering, we are working on mobile communication of the future. The "Forum Informatik" provides links with a broad cross-section of the university and close contact both with international and national industry partners as well as with SME's.