Commissions of the Departments


Commission for Mathematics


Professors: Prof. Dr. Führ (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Koster

Teaching Staff: Dr. Herff, Mrs. Dipl.-Math. König

Non Teaching Staff: Mr. Knoben, Mr. Bollwerk

Students: Ms. Römer, Mr. Wings


Professors: Prof. Kamps

Teaching Staff: Frau Hiller, Frau T. Krabs

Non Teaching Staff: -

Students: Mr. Paar, Mr. Kleinmanns


Commission for Computer Science


Professors: Prof. Dr. Grohe (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Wehrle

Teaching Staff: Mr. Fuchs, Mr. Stollenwerk

Non Teaching Staff: Mr. Derks, Mrs. Willms

Students: Mr. Schneider, Mr. Nick


Professors: Prof. Abraham, Prof. Rumpe, Prof. Lakemeyer, Prof. Katoen

Teaching Staff: Mr. Röpke, Mr. Völker

Non Teaching Staff: Mr. Linde

Students: Ms. Bitter, Mr. Rother, Mr. Zameitat, Mr. Londschien, Mr. Wehrwein, Mr. Holtz


Commission for Biology


Professors: Prof. Dr. Spehr (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Blank

Teaching Staff: Dr. Roß-Nickoll, Dr. Wormit

Non Teaching Staff: Mrs. Noll, Mrs. Thiede

Students: Mr. Niehoff, Mr. Wagner


Professoren: Prof. van Dongen, Prof. Bohrmann, Prof. Hollert, Prof. Schaffrath

Teaching Staff: Dr. Commandeur, Dr. Rothermel, Dr. Hoffmann, Dr. Wirth

Non Teaching Staff: Mrs. Reinstädler, Mrs. Beissel

Students: Mrs. Leitz, Mr. Bruch


Commission for Chemistry


Professors: Prof. Dr. Herrmann (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Leitner

Teaching Staff: Dr. Schiffers, Dr. Noyong

Non Teaching Staff: Mr. Lorenz, Mrs. Jansen

Students: Mrs. Hanek, Mr. Mucke


Professors: -

Teaching Staff: Dr. Schneider, Dr. Hoffmann

Non Teaching Staff: Mrs. Bachmann-Remy

Students: Mr. Steinbach, Mr. Collong


Commission for Physics


Professors: Prof. Dr. Krämer (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Stahl

Teachings Staff: Dr. Kahlert, Dr. Kress

Non Teachings Staff: Mrs. Cüster-Weiger, Mrs. Bachtenkirch

Students: Mr. Nüchel, Mr. Kirschke


Professors: Prof. Dr. Hebbeker

Teachings Staff: Dr. Schwering, Dr. Nowack, Dr. Detemple, Dr. C. Salinga

Non Teachings Staff: Mrs. Cleven

Students: Mr. Battermann