Physics Colloquium


The Physics Colloquium takes place in the HÖRSAAL PHYSIK, 28 D 001, PHYSIKZENTRUM Seffent-Melaten.

Starting: 16:30 h, Tea at 16:15 h

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Physics Colloquium

Date Speaker Title
24/04/2017 Dr. Gerda Horneck (DLR, Institute of Aerospace Medicine) Astrobiology, the Quest for the Conditions of Life in the Universe
08/05/2017 Prof. Dr. Sandor Varro (Wigner Research Center for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) Hundred twelve years of the photon: from Einstein's light quanta to extreme light
22/05/2017 Prof. Dr. Joachim Burgdörfer (TU Wien) Attosecond physics: Opportunities and challenges
12/06/2017 Prof. Dr. Mikhail Katsnelson (Radboud University of Nijmegen) Electronic structure and properties of a few-layer black phosphorus
26/06/2017 Dr. Daniela Huppenkothen (New York University) Wrong but Useful: Cutting-Edge Statistical and Machine Learning Applications for the Next Generation of High-Energy Astrophysics
24/07/2017 Dr. Mikhail Pletyukhov (RWTH Aachen University) Many-body physics with light

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