Contact Persons

Contact Persons of the Department of Mathematics
Representative of the Department of Mathematics Prof. Holger Rauhut
General Manager of the Department of Mathematics N.N.
Chairman of the Examination Board of Mathematics (Bachelor, Master, Education)

Prof. Arnold Reusken

Information Commissioner of the Department of Mathematics Prof. Johanna Heitzer
Delegate for Mathematics ERASMUS Program Prof. Eva Zerz
Academic Advisor for Bachelor, Master and Diploma Candidates in Mathematics Dr. Alfred Wagner
Academic Advisor for Bachelor and Master of Education Dr. Wolfgang Herff
Module Pool Administrator Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat. Harald Günzel
Mentor for Mathematics (Bachelor) Henrik Haeger, M. Sc.
Mentor for Mathematics (Bachelor) Dipl.-Math. Melanie König
Mentor for Students of Teacher Training in Mathematics Dipl.-Math. Patricia Krieg
Schedule Coordinator Mathematics Dr. Christian Dickopp

Dr. Frank Lübeck
System Administrator of Department of Mathematics Stephan Böhmer, MaTA